A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

College junior Kei Asakawa doesn’t believe in love. After a childhood spent watching her parents tear each other apart, she wants nothing to do with affairs of the heart. But one special day, she meets three men who could change her outlook on life—and love—forever.

PS: I Love You is a dating sim and visual novel in the otome “maiden” game genre, featuring over 200,000 words of original story, stunning illustrations, and three swoon-worthy men to choose from:

– Naoki Takayama, the happy-go-lucky baseball star who’s been best friends with Kei since childhood
– Haruhito Satou, the cold, efficient businessman hiding a heart of gold and an impoverished past
– Shinichi Kougure, Kei’s playboy cafe-owner boss with walls of ice around his heart and a boy band history he’ll be forced to revisit

(and there's a secret route...but you'll have to play the game to discover it!)

Can Kei win over any of the men who’ve caught her eye, and if so, which one? The road to love won’t be easy, between career-ending injuries, long distance relationships, endless paparazzi, and secret meet-ups, but you’ll decide what path Kei takes.

The demo features around 10,000 words (roughly around 40 minutes to an hour of playtime) and ends after the Prologue.


PSILOVEYOU-pc.zip 120 MB
PSILOVEYOU-linux.tar.bz2 108 MB
PSILOVEYOU-mac.zip 102 MB

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